I have decided that I needed a photography blog. My mommy blog was starting to be a whole lot of pictures and not enough writing, and that is not what I want for that blog. So here we are and what better way to begin my new photography blog then with my favorite weekly photo blog hop.
1. Pop of Color

I had to wear some heals today that always give me horrible blisters on my heals. The only bandages I could find where these very colorful yellow ones.

2. Crossing Thresholds

This is a picture looking into the alter room of our church. I’m not sure it fits the theme, but this part of the church really feels separated from the rest of it.

3. X-Ray

Okay, so I had a totally different idea for this theme, but I just didn’t get the time to get the shot I needed for it. So I played around with a picture of my daughters soothers instead.

4. Toy

My son got a basketball as a gift today, and he loves it.

5. Farm

I know it doesn’t look like a farm, but it is.