So editing pictures is still very new to me. When I first really taking pictures I felt that they should be great right from the camera. Then I was introduced to The CoffeeShop Blog Perfect Portrait 3 and my pictures went up a whole new level. Now I am a bit obsessed with editing photo’s. It’s fun! But like everything else it needs to be practiced. So I have decided to start entering My Reflection of Something Photography’s weekly Edit Me Challenge (Ashley Sisk, I swear… I am  not stocking you..).

So without further adieu..

The Original

My Edit

I really though the stagecoach was beautiful so I wanted it to stand out. First I ran it through The CoffeeShop Blog Perfect Portrait 3. Adjusted the levels, smoothed some things, applied urban grit to the coach the made the rest b&w. Then I used another action from The Coffeeshop Blog called Sunny Pop (I really love the actions there!). As a finishing touch I added a texture as an overlay.

 I hope you all like it!

My Reflection of Something