This week I decided to do black and whites for all my pictures. Here is what I got:

1. Things that look like a letter of the Alphabet

 So I thought this one would be easy. After spending an hour hiking around a local forest I had nothing. Then I found this and thought it was Perfect.

2. Weather

This is a picture of the on coming storm. None of the pictures I took did it justice.

3. Bling

I had no idea what to shoot for this one. Then I decided the only ‘bling’ we really have is my husbands watch.

4. Tangled

Again, another hard one for me to find. I figured I would easily be able to find some tangled roots in the forest. It took me forever. I have to say though, this tree looked much better in person. The light just wan’t there for a nice clear picture.

5. Dark

One of my favorite parts of the forest are these dark parts of the path that are completely covered with trees.