Last week we went to an indoor rain forest. This is one of my favorite places to take pictures. There is always so much color and life in there. I wanted to share some of the butterfly pictures I took and edited.

For editing I kept it simple. Did some cropping and adjusted the levels. Then to make the photo’s feel more of a set I ran Pioneer Woman’s Seventies action on all of them.


In other news, I have a couple things to share with you. I have sat down and made a blog schedule. Maybe a little over the top, but I just felt that I need to put down on paper what I want to accomplish each week with my blogs. And guess what, I have something for every day of the week for this blog. How exciting is that! Lucky you haha. Now I am not promising that I will post every day. With school, two children under the age of two and a husband I have a pretty full plate in front of me. But I am going to try. Wish me luck!

Second, I apologize for numerous spelling errors you may find. I have just got my new laptop and me and the keyboard have yet to find our rhythm yet.