My Reflection of Something

I’m not sure why the new edit me button is not showing up. 🙁 Anyways on with the post.

This weeks orginal picture comes from Mommy’s Camera and it sure is a cute one:

And here are my two edits:

I wanted to do something a little different this week, so I decided to make a collage out of the picture. So naturally I cropped the 3 parts, brightened them up a bit, put them in frames, added a best friends then to finish off I put a texture ontop of it all to give it a little more.

This is my second edit. Although I just edited it…. I can’t remember which actions I used! How pathetic is that. I did crop it a bit, added some actions to it, then added a texture.

This week I am not eligible for the prize, so I am submiting as non-competitive. I hope you like my edits!