This weeks photo comes from Jill Samter and I have to say it is intimidating to edit one of her photo’s because she is so awesome.

Here is the original:

And here is my edit:

A bit about my process:

1. I cropped. It took me forever to figure out where to crop because there are so many aspects of the original photo that I loved.

2. Tiny Adjust ment of the levels.

3. Cloned out some tree branches that were still left in the sky after cropping.

3. Played around with colors a bit. Made the barn redder, the grass greener, the sky bluer.

3. Added two different high pass layers and adjusted the opacity.

Wow… can you tell it is early morning… three step three’s….

6. I felt the barn was a little shadowed so I used the dodge tool and brighten it up a bit.

7. Blurred the sky slightly.

9. Added some warming actions

I really like how this edit turned out. I have noticed that I usually go with a vintage feel (although never with the intention to)  with the edit me challenges, so I really like bright edit.