Well I really wanted to make some more brushes this week, but I have been sick, so instead I made a texture. I call this one Dark Grunge. Because it is dark, it works best with blending mode Screen.

Click to Download


I also wanted to share this beautiful fall shot I got this week. I just love the colors of fall!


I mentioned earlier in the week that I will be doing a re-design soon. Well I figured I would fill you guys in a bit. desiraer.com is going to become more than just a blog. This means that the site will get a homepage. From there I will have a resources page, link to the blog, and other stuff. This is my first step into the direction of doing some freelance work. I will still be using wordpress for the blog itself, so not much should change there expect it will be moved to a sub-domain and be given a new look.

I will first give the blog a new re-design, then move it over to the sub-domain, then the rest of the site will follow. I hope this will be smooth, but I am sure there will be bumps… there always is.

In attempts to pad up my portfolio, sometime in the near future I will be opening up to some free freelance work ( header/banner, logo, background, buttons and maybe a simple wordpress theme, blogger as well if I get a chance to go in and look at it)(oh and portraiture). I will probably annouce when I am ready to take on some work on Facebook first, then here. So if you are interested in some free design work or a hand drawn portrait keep an eye out on my facebook page and/or here.

And last but not least, don’t forget to add your photo’s to this weeks link up challenge 52 weeks of..