I am so excited for the #editmechallenge this week. If you didn’t know already it has it’s own place on the web now. The new site looks great! I also think they did a great job choosing the first picture for the chalenge.

This weeks picture comes from Kristi from Live and Love out Loud. It is stunning picture on its own:

Here is my edit:

My process (what I can remember of it anyways…)

1. I began with adjusting the levels a bit.

2. I new I wanted to make her eyes pop so I uped the vibrance on them.

3. I then cleared up her face a bit.

4. I then played with the levels again because it still didn’t look right to me.

5. Textures!

6. Cleared the textures off of her.

7. Applied PW action that brightents the eyes.

8. Added a contrast bump.

9. Then I made a b&w version.

Which one do you like better? I can’t decide.

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