I can’t express how good it was to pick up the camera this morning and take some pictures! I have been so busy lately that the camera and I have had a lot of space from each other. And I missed it, but I never realize how much I miss my camera until I pick it up again and take pictures.

So with that said, here are my pictures this week.

1. Mainly one Color

Right now there are a bunch of new crops coming up and I always love how green the fields look when everything just starts to come up.

2. Around the Home

We were at my in-laws this weekend and wandering around thier house looking for things to take pictures of I found this. I just loved the rustic feel of it.

3. Reflection


4. Writing

Jeg elsker dig! I love you in Danish. Such a simple thing, but I just love seeing it written down.

5. Water

This place is beautiful, even though the water does not look all that nice, the colors of this area are stunning. This picture really doesnt do it justice.

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