Good morning! I hope you are all sleeping in later than I have this morning. My daughter cried for a moment at 4:30 and I could not fall back to sleep.

This post will be a bit long because I have 2 textures to show to you and I wanted to show you a couple of things I have been doing in school. And to round it all off I have a couple cute pictures of my kids. I feel like I haven’t been showing them off enough lately. So lets get down to business.

My first texture is just a grungy looking texture. I’m not sure I even like it, but maybe someone can use it for something.

Click to Download

My second texture I like much better. It is called So Sandy. Don’t ask me where I got the name. Perhaps it came to me because I used a layer of sand.

Click to Download

This semester we have been building a lot of websites, and doing a lot of logo design. I love this, it is fun and I get to be creative. The case examples they give us are not always great, but either way we are learning by doing which is awesome. One of the assignments was to create a website for a fake furniture company called Trendy. This included designing a logo for the company. Here are two of the logo’s I created for my group:

We really liked this logo, but in the end had to ditch it because it was competing with our website design, so instead we went with something simpler:

So there is a little taste of what I have been up to lately. Today I am presenting another logo and another website layout. This time around we had to design for a real company and they will be present and will choose the one they like best in the class. Wish me luck!

Now for some cuteness! These is my favorite photos of the week because, well they are my kids!

My daughter is becoming more and more a little person by the hour. Her personality is really starting to come through. She is also becoming so much fun! The other night we played hide and seek for the first time (me hiding, her seeking)  and it was a blast! I look forward to more evenings like that in the future.

My son is also getting big too fast. Just yesterday he took some step while only holding on to one hand of ours. I think walking is fast approaching! He is also nearly impossible to photograph! I have many many blurry pictures of him…

Well that wraps up my post. I probably won’t be around tomorrow. I decided to make Saturday family day and will try my best to stay off the computer! See you all sunday for the scavenger hunt!

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