I will admit, I took all of these pictures this morning. I was busy with an assignment this week and did not get much time for photography. I had planned on taking pictures at the city christmas light up, but weather as horrible so we went shopping at Ikea instead and had a great christmas buffet there. Mmmm… So on to this weeks photo’s:

1. Waiting

This morning I allowed my husband to sleep in. To pass some of the time my daugther and I played peak-a-boo. This is her waiting for me to say boo.

2. Foliage

It is incredibly windy today. It was nearly impossible to get any pictures outside because everything was moving. I did mange to get this one though. I then used my action SimpleVintage to warm it up a bit.

3. Candid

I don’t really understand why it so so fun to go through the chair. It usually ends with one of them stuck. This morning they however managed fine.

4. Spoon

I had a hard time with this one. I just couldn’t think of anything creative and I didn’t have any good light to take a decent picture.

5. Rule of Thirds

Another one I had a hard time with. I don’t know, I just don’t think I was in an inspired mood this morning.

On a competely different note… I finished some snowflake brushes last night:

Click to Download

I hope you enjoy them. And with the lovely sound of trouble (my daughter..) I end this post here.

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