As promised here are a couple pictures from the christmas market. I am hoping to take pictures of al the lights tonight.

But before the pictures I just wanted to remind everyone of my giveaway that ends today:

So in celebration of my new site I will be giving away a free custom blog banner & button and a free hand drawn portraite. Check out my portfolio page to see samples of my work.

How it works:

1. You must follow me somewhere (check out those little round blue buttons at the top of the page).

2. Anyone who sends me a private message on either twitter, facebook or my contact page will be entered into a random draw.

3. This will be open until December 14th. I will annouce the winners on December 16th.

4. In your message state if you want to entered for the blog banner & button or portrait, or both.

5. Last thing, you agree to let me show the work I do for you in my portfolio.

And that is that. I can’t wait to see who enters, and I can’t wait to do something for you!

Okay now to the pictures:

This little train is adorable. It drives around pulling carts so people can gave a little tour of the downtown area.

This is a little coffee shop set up in the town. Each of the chairs has a reindeer pelt to keep you warm.

Behind it is a giant ferriswheel. I would have never guessed that it could fit in this tiny square.

I really love how well Kim Klassen’s new texture works with this set!

We were there in the morning. I guess few people where up that morning. I was really hoping for more people. But I think this shot is sweet.

This is one of the booths. Most of them have handcrafted goodies.

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