It is time to announce thw winners of my portrait and blog banner giveaway.

I assigned all the entries a number and used a random genrator to chose the winner.

The winner of a hand drawn portrait is Mrs. Claus from Like Christmas Everyday.

Now for the blog banner and button giveaway I have 2 winners. I only had three entries for this one, and since Mrs. Claus won the portrait I decided to make the other two winners. So both Ewa from Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time and Lisa from Advent’s and other Fine(nell) Adventures will recieve a new custom blog header and blog button from me.

Winners I will be contacting you today (Friday).

So the other night I decided to go down town and try and capture some holiday bokeh. Well.. it really didn’t work out (I’m just not having any luck with holdiay pictures!). Guess what, I can’t take the auto focus off on my camera! This makes it pretty difficult, and I am completely discouraged. But I did play around with some settings, and although these are not the bokeh I was hoping with, they are still fun lookings.


Can you believe it is Friday already? I can’t. We leave for Canada on Wednesday and I haven’t even begun to think about getting ready, and we are going to be away for the weekend! I may not be able to post on the weekend so I wanted to wish you all a good one.