Well I am back after 3 weeks holiday visiting family in Canada. It was great. Flying with two under two. Not so great. We are happy to be done with flights for a while.

By the way, Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings much happiness to everyone. I have a couple new and exciting things to annouce.

1.  I am hoping by the end of January to have my business offically up and running. This will include a e-store with cheap design stuff (textures, brushes and whatever else I want to put there). I will also be providing servies such as logo design, blog design, hand drawn portrature and perhaps cheap photo editing. The job market here in Denmark is lacking so I have decided to take the initative and start my own business. I am hoping that my design work will allow me to save up and buy a camera that I can do some photography work with also.

2. I got a blogging gig. I will now be writing articles for inspirationfeed.com. Have something you would like featured. Send me a message and let me know!

That is all for news. Now I had many plans to take a lot of pictures while in Canada. But once I got there I just wanted a break from everything (hence my 3 week absence here!). In other words not many pictures taken by me. However I did get a few great sun rise and sun set pictures. I also have some wedding pictures from my brothers wedding that I have been asked to edit, which should be lots of fun! Since I just got home last night, here is a sneak peak, SOOC sun set picture. Look for more sometime this week.

Saskatchewan Sunset

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