I try to participate in Kim Klassens Texture Tuesday. It is actually my favorite weekly link up because I love textures. I also find kim very inspirational. It is because of her posts that I have finally decided to take the step and just start. To get my own business going and do what I love, being creative. So I decided to also do a weekly link up. I have called it Inspired Tuesday, because every Tuesday I am inspired to keep going. Here is how it is going to work. Link up your posts. It is that simple. The very fact that you took a photo, wrote something down, or created something means you were inspired in one way or another. Perhaps by sharing here you will inspire some else. This link up is open for everyone. Not just photography. No rules, just share and inspire each other. Grab the button if you like.

Desirae R

And with that here is my interpretation of ‘open’ this week.

It is a open field. There is something that I just love about a big open field. Specially when they are nice and green like this one was.


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