Well to be honest with you all I am out of picture to share at the moment. So I have decided to take the opportunity and feature a friend who is becoming a great photographer!

Lisa is an online friend of mine and a wonderful artist. She was actually her who inspired me to get into touch with my creative side again. Her pencial and digital paintings are truely awesome. Here are a couple:

You can see more of her artwork at her deivant art acount here. Lately though, Lisa has been spending more and more time on her photography and it has been great to see her photo’s grow. She is becoming one of my favorite photographers to watch and is one of the only reasons I have a google+ account as she does not have a photography blog (that I am aware of). Here are some of her great photo’s.

If you have a google+ account I highly suggest you add Lisa to your photography circles!

Today I am linking up with, I hope you all don’t mind that I am linking up a feature post.