I know, I know I have switched things up once again and I am sure some of you are losing track of who I am. Remember its me, Desirae R? Anyways a name is something I have been struggling with ever since I started this blog. But the other night while doing the dishes and looking out the window at the sunset it finally came to me and it felt right. Pink Sky Designs. There have been so many pink skys the last few months, and every time I see them I become reflective and this is a good thing. There is something calming yet spectacular about a pink sky. So from now on (I promise for real this time) I will now be Pink Sky Designs.

As for google friend connect, I keep reading that for any non-blogger website it is going to disappear sometime in March. So, since I use wordpress I have removed it from my website. I still have an account so those of  you who follow me there will continue to get updates until it leaves us. But to be safe there are other ways you can follow me. All my posts are posted to both my facebook and twitter acounts. So when you have a moment remember to follow me in one of those places.

Over the next litte while I will be working on some new stuff and be refining the wordpress theme a bit. However the look should stay the same, because I kind of like it for a change!

And one last thing before I head off to bed. I just wanted to thank you all. This past week had been a great week for comments and I appreciate every single one! Thank you so much for coming back and staying with me.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!