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Well another week has come and gone.. all most. Actually today is the most exciting day of our week. We are going to look at a house. Next week we talk to the bank. Hopefully we will get a loan and be able to buy a house. I am totally finished with living in an apartment! I want a yard and not to worry about my kids screaming at all hours of the day and dropping large things on the floor and disturbing those living below us. Yes a house would be very nice.

How as you week?

Here are my scavenger shots for this week.

1. Sunset

So I cheated a bit on this one. It is actually a sunrise. But I really wanted to share this one. It is my favorite SOOC pic of the week.

2. Black and White

Don’t ask me why. I just saw the ribbon and wanted to take pictures of it.

3. A Day in my Life

I was going to post this adorable picture of my son covered in food, however I came across this quote. I think I need to say it everyday. Life has been a bit hectic as of late and this is a good reminder to just let somethings go.

4. Four

5. Colorful

This is a coke can that my husband brought back from the world cup in soccer. It is a pretty cool can.

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