This is kind of a mixed emotion post. It is a happy post, but due to some events last night I am having a reflective morning. I am neither in a good mood or bad mood, I just am.

As many of you know we have two children (and now you know one more on the way). My son has always done this thing were if he is really upset, or hurt or for whatever reason he is crying will hold his breath first before he screams for about 10 to 20 seconds. We have never given it much thought. My mother told me I did the same thing when young, I have heard of other children doing the same. Last night we learnt that this has a name: Breath Holding Spells. Until last night my son has been having the more common varitey of this cyanotic breath-holding spells. Last night he hit his head lightly, and went to scream, but no sound came out. This is not unual for him, so at first we didn’t do anything (it a very light bonk on the head, nothing serious). The he didn’t scream. We picked him up and could see that he was not breathing. We rubbed his face, and when that didn’t do anthing we blew into his face. He took a couple gasps. By this time he was very gray. I took him in my arms and he stopped breathing again. I again blew in his face, he start breathing with small gasps and his eyes rolled back and he lost consciousness for a couple of seconds. After this his breathing slowly returned to normal. He was a bit groggy afterwards and his gray color stayed with him for about 10 minute. We had called the ambulance and after seeing the doctor we were told that he probably had a reflex anoxic seizure and these can be seen with children with breath holding spells. And, he may have it again.

The whole ordeal was terrifying, but we have been told that both of these things are not dangerous at all. We have been told that there is no need to call an ambulance if it should happen again unless he does not start breathing. This may not be dangerous, but it sure is a tad bit stressful! The idea of my child stopping breathing and going a deathly shade of gray just does not sit with me well.

So today I am reflective. We are excited to be adding to the family. We are also so grateful for the family we have now and would not trade the life we have for anything.

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