I don’t have a lot of time to post this morning. We are going to our favourite store today: Ikea! We arn’t going to pick up much, just a carpet for the kids to play on. But I love going there and planning out my future house (sigh…. someday). The also have really cheap, decent food there, so I hear hotdogs calling my name! Or perhaps pizza, oh and ice cream. MMMMmmmmmm…. wait, right I was posting photo’s right?

1. Strike a Pose

The other day I was trying to get my almost 2 year old to pose for me. She decided she wanted the camera instead and I got this. I kind of like it though.

2. Footwear

These are my daughters slippers, and to be honest I kind of with they made adult sized ones. They look comfy, warm and come in lots of fun colours.

3. Hobby

I really haven’t been using my pencils much lately. I need to change that.

4. Shiny

Have you ever noticed how shiny pencil lead is?

5. Colour Me Green

The green spoon is my favourite. She likes a blue one more.

Okay, now I’m hungry, so I am off to make myself some soup before we leave.

Happy Sunday!!

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