I have been doing some serious thinking lately. This explains my recent disappearance from posting. After deciding that I have been trying to accomplish to many things I have decided to simplify my life.

What this means for this blog is this: I used to have 3 blogs, one for photography & design, one mommy blog and one family blog. Well from now on, there will be one blog. This blog, and it will cover everything.

I will not guarantee a post everyday.

I will probably be fiddling around with the look. Right now I am using a free theme. I will probably make my own later.

I will fill you in more as I have the time.

For the moment I have decided to put plans of starting my own business on hold. There are some other things that I need to focus on now and this blog will probably represent that.

And, yes, the name has changed again. This was actually the name I was going to use for my mommy blog. I think it is rather fitting.

I hope that you will all stick around. I am hoping that this blog will now become more than it was before.

All the Best

Desirae R