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I am about to share my first recipe with you. Exciting isn’t it? Well I should warn you before hand. I am pregnant, so something that might have seemed fantastic might actually not. A lot of things a make are out of a need for it to be done quickly. This was the case the other day. So here it is… the Pita Pizza:


Pita Bread, salsa, shredded cheese, any other topping you want. In this case I used bacon because I had some.

How to make.

Spread a layer of salsa on top of the pita bread. Add topping(s) of choice, add shredded cheese. Bake in oven until cheese is melted to a desired consistency.

Why I liked it:

First of all it was quick to make. I think in total 15 minutes. The pita bread worked out better than expected. It was just the right thickness, not too thin and not to thick. I guess you could also make this by stuffing the pita bread instead. I think perhaps I will try that next time. The salsa gave the whole thing a nice kick.

So there you have it, the Pita Pizza:

On a complete different note, I wanted to share one of my favorite photo’s that I took last week.

Now, I thought I had killed this plant a couple of months ago. I watered it, and moved it thinking it was in a too cold of spot. It dropped all of its leaves but one. I kill plants all the time so I was not surprised. But my husband thought he saw a couple of buds on it, so we kept it, and continued to water it. Well the other week it sprouted a leaf, then another and another! I can’t believe it, and I am sooo happy about it.

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