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I originally began Inspired Tuesday because I am constantly inspired by Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. But there are many many other blogs that inspire me in different ways. This is why I love the blog community. There is something for everything and for almost every need.

Another reason that I love the blog community is because there is always someone who is going through something similar. It makes you realize that you are not alone. There are others out there who do understand. I have made some really great friends through blogging. I have tried to step away from blogging many times, but I always come back. I miss the community when I am gone and I love being in it when I am here.

This is why I started Inspired Tuesday. Every blog post has the opportunity to inspired some one else. Blog link ups are a great way to find other blogs. So I invite you all again to link up your blog posts here on Tuesdays. Be it a new post, an old post or a favorite post.

Before I get to the link up I wanted to share 3 blogs that recently have really inspired me for various reasons.

1. Mama Naturale






Mama naturale and I shared something wonderful through the blogging world. Our pregnancies. For her it was her first, for me it was our second. Although our original due dates were a couple weeks apart we ended up having a children a day apart. It has been incredibly fascinating to compare how we are treated by doctors because we live in two different countries. It has been a fun journey. But why do I love her blog, and why does she inspire me? It is her conviction and that she holds to it. She blogs about what she thinks is right while trying to avoid being judgmental. Some of her topics are a bit touchy among mothers and I know she has lost friends a long the way. But she stays true to herself and that is why I love her.

2.  My Reflection of Something
My Reflection of Something

Branson is always inspiring me. To begin with it was with her photography and her weekly photography editing challenge. However, recently she has inspired me in many other ways. There have been posts that she has written that could have been my own words. But I think the largest thing her blog has done for me recently is to inspire me to find better activities to do with my kids. I love reading about her toddler activities and she has given me so many ideas. Thank you Branson for being one of those bloggers that makes me not feel so alone.

3. The Daily Wyatt

Audrey is another blogger that I have inspired by lately. Particularly this post: Hello world, its great to be out again. She reminded me how important the little things are. How it is important just to take a step back and enjoy a moment in time. Plus, her photo’s of her son are amazing and he is just so cute in his cape!

Oh and I guess I should not forget this weeks picture for Texture Tuesday

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