Today is my sons first birthday. I am both happy and sad about this. Sad because it means a certain stage is over, a stage we will never have back. But I am happy too because it means we begin to start a whole new one. I really love this next stage, where his personality really starts to shine through. But today I can reflect on the past year with my baby boy.

I remember the day he was born. I wouldn’t say my labor with him was difficult, but it was intense. He was born at home and it was the best experience.

Right away we knew he was different from his sister. While she was independent, he was not. Good thing he was adorable!

He has also never really been all that impressed with my picture taking.

But I still have managed to get a few….

I think he has grown and changed so much over the last year.

He has become such a goofball!

And he loves to smile, almost all the time.

But he still is my baby boy.

Happy Birthday.

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