With the changes I made to the look (and name) of the blog last week I promised further explanation. Well here it is. For some this may be a boring post, but it is one I feel the need to write. Probably more for myself than for others.

Since September my life has felt a little blurred. Starting with my uncles death in my first week of school life has been a non stop ride of health issues for the whole family, bad news and frustrating circumstances. Being in a new city has left me without any really close friendships and I have spent the last fews months very down and very alone.

Combine all this with being pulled in so many directions (going to school full time, trying to find time to learn the local language, trying to start my own business because there are just no jobs, and juggling family time), I have lost my way a bit. I had hit system  overload and started to go within myself and did not want anything to do with anyone. I became short with my kids and short with my husband. It just was not good.

This reaction also took a huge toll on my language skills in Danish, and after a bit of a wake up call from a teacher (who basically told me that my skill are no where where they should be) I kind of freaked out. You see, learning the language is a very important factor for me to be able to receive permanent residence here. And I have a set time to do. I am way behind.

I want stability, to feel secure where I am. I realized that to work towards this goal I need to step back and make some changes. So I did, big ones. I have decided I need to focus more on my family and my integration. Going to school full time in English is just not going to help me learn danish. I need to be around the language on a regular basis if I am going to become fluent.

So I have dropped my school program. Instead I will seek a job placement through the municipality, allowing me to be immersed in the language. I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I can do this with out the financial burden.

I have decided to put starting my own company on hold. At the moment it just doesn’t seem important and it was pulling me away from my family.

So there you have it, why I have made changes. I will be honest, I still feel alone. I miss having the close relationships I had in Canada. However making this decision has lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders. So hopefully this is a new start to getting to a point where I want to be and to be happier in my current situation.

So this blog is going to be my space to post whatever I need to. You can still expect a lot of photos. Photography will always be a part of me. But you can expect a lot of other stuff as well, such as recipes (I have 3 already I want to share with you), I will continue to make textures, action and brushes because I like it, and I want to share more of my art with you.

Okay this post is gotten long enough and I have a birthday party to plan! (it is tomorrow and I have done nothing!!!)

I leave you with a pretty picture: A valentines rose.

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