So I had plans to do my Scavenger Hunt Sunday post today, however both children are home sick today which leaves me very little time to finish editing up the pictures I had.

So instead I will quickly share a recipe with you. My son had a milk allergy. It is not too serious, but either way we are trying to cut out as much dairy for him as possible. So I have been trying my best to find dairy free options for dinner. One of these being Chicken Chile.

Now I should warn you, my style of cooking is throwing stuff together. I don’t really pay much attention to the amount and go by taste. So all meaurments are approximations.


Chicken ( I used cubed chicken, but any form would work).

1 can corn which the liquid

1 can kidney beans

1 medium jar salsa

1 chopped sweet red pepper

1 chopped onion

1 can chopped tomatoes.

1/2 table spoon chile

Salt and pepper to taste.

How to make:

Because I did not have much time, I cooked the onion and pepper with some oil in a pan to soften them up a bit. Then I threw everything in a pot and simmered until it was time to eat. I think about 30 minutes this time. This only made just enough, so next time I will double it so I can freeze some.

And for those who can have some dairy, it is great with some sour cream and shredded cheese.




On a different note, this past weekend we went for a walk in the harbor and the weather was beautiful. Here is a little preview of some of the photos I took. I can’t wait to edit and share more.

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