Happy Feb. 29th everyone! As you can see from my post title I am planning on doing more than one post today. I have a bunch of things I want to post, so I figured today only happens every 4 years, so that means I get to do 4 posts….. if i manage to find the time.
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So after reading another blog post (I’m sorry I don’t remember from where) I decided to give the show Parenthood a try this morning.

Now I should explain something first. My hormones have been a bit wacky with this pregnancy and I cry over just about anything. With that said, I cried a lot during the first episode.

First it was because I saw Lauren Graham and I really miss Gilmore Girls. Like a lot. Best show ever. Anyways…. then it was for every significant, telling moment in the episode. Basically, I’m sold. I plan to spend the rest of today catching up on episodes.

If you haven’t seen this show and you are a parent, you really should. I think all parents can identify with one of the parents on this show. If your not a parent, to be honest I’m not sure if you would enjoy it. You might not get it. But maybe you will. So try it anyways.

So there it is, my short post telling you you should watch this show.