Happy Feb. 29th everyone! As you can see from my post title I am planning on doing more than one post today. I have a bunch of things I want to post, so I figured today only happens every 4 years, so that means I get to do 4 posts….. if i manage to find the time.

Birthday Bash – Leap Year Post 1 * Parenthood – Leap Year Post 2

A couple of days ago Branson over at My Reflection of Something wrote a post about how a little planning goes a long way. She is right. Planning does help keep things organized. I’m a planner, so this isn’t something new to me. I make to-do lists on a regular basis.

What I loved about her post is that she presented a fun way of making your to do list. Well perhaps some of you don’t think it of that much fun. But the idea of spending time making my to-do list pretty is totally cool.

In between doctors appointments, cleaning up puke, wiping runny noses and changing diapers (and perhaps even during) I have been mentally planning out what my page should look like. I really love the design Branson chose for her’s (and she made available for download!). I want something similar.

However, then I stopped and thought about what I really want to include on it.

I really like that Branson’s has a menu plan as well as a place an inspirational quote. I think I would like to include these.

I really have a sense of accomplishment when I can cross stuff off on my list. So I think I will had check boxes and the days of the week to a list of things I want to accomplish.

I think I will also divide up the list a bit. I want a spot to put my personal goals (such as doing 30 minutes of art a day, working on my book, etc). I want another for just the general things that I want to get done during the week. And maybe a spot for appointments, important days, etc.

Okay yes, I am a bit of an over planner… just a little bit. I am actually  excited that I have a little bit of time now (but not today) to plan and make lists. Dorky, right?

What kind of things do you include on your weekly to-do lists if you make one?