Sorry for the post. Well at least it is late my time. Today was a bit of a busy day. The kids were sick (still) and our daughter had been up the entire night. Come 4:30am she decided it was time to get up, along with her brother. Yay!

We had someone coming to babysit around 1pm so I spent most of the morning dealing with tired cranky babes and cleaning the house. You see today was our first ultrasound.

I was really nervous about this one. I had been so sick at the beginning of the pregnancy (flu, food and water poisioning..). But..

Everything was fine. We have an officail due date of Sept. 11th. We have decided that we are not finding out the sex of this baby, so naturally after seeing the baby move I spent the entire time trying to see the nub. If you don’t know the nub theory, Ashley Sisk does a good job explaining it here. Anyways, this theory has been correct with our last two, and on what I saw (which was difficult I will say) it said Girl. Combine this with a heart rate of 156, girl is looking good.

I gues we will just have to wait 6 more months to find out…