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This picture really tells something about my daughter. She loves to touch stuff. She will pretty much touch anything.

Most of this time this is not a problem, sometimes a pain in the butt, but not a problem. This morning it was a problem. Long story short (mostly because it is hard to explain) she grabbed something which resulted in her getting electrocuted. She touched said object, screamed and ran away crying. I quickly scooped her up and started checking her out. Her entire right arm was red and we could see a couple white spots on her hand and pinky finger. She didn’t cry for more than a couple of moments then was back to her usual self, but with a very hot hand. She didn’t seem to be in any pain. Never the less, we called up the emergency to see what they wanted us to do.

They had us take her in the get checked out. I stayed home with our son (mostly because I can’t drive a standard that well, let alone through the middle of the city), my husband took our daughter. That was at 7 am. I got my son ready for daycare and took him, then came home and waited for a phone call from my husband. He wasn’t able to call until just after 9 am. It was a long couple of hours, and the longer I waited the more I was thinking horrible things!

She is fine. They checked her out, ran some tests to make sure there were not any problems internally, and her burn is very minor. We got very lucky.

I will probably spend the rest of the day feeling like a horrible parent. This accident shouldn’t have happened. Said object shouldn’t have been in a place where little hands could get at it. It was in a place where the children normally don’t go. But I changed things up this morning (I decided that it was potty training day…..) and the kids where in an area of the apartment that is normally closed off. Still… I feel horrible.

On a different note. I really wasn’t sure what colors I could pull from this picture to make a color pallet but I am kind of in love with the colors! What do you think?
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