First of all I just wanted to thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday. To be honest the day started out really crappy, which carried out through the day. However a couple of girl friends took me out for a late dinner and it saved the day.

Also I have decided to post the Inspired Tuesday link-up at the bottom of all posts since it is open all week. So feel free to add your posts.

But.. today is my baby girls 2nd Birthday! I can’t believe she is two years old already. Although she is going through this independent, stubborn (frustrating!) phase I love the little person she is turning into.

This is her just hours old. I am biased, but I still think she was one of the prettiest babies. My son did not come out looking as cute as she did. Right from the start she was a daddies girl.

She has always been so much fun and curious about everything.

She was always so easy to take pictures of!

Dresses are something she never wore much. She just grew out of them so fast! I wish I had more pictures of her in dresses.

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