This week has sucked. You may have noticed an absence of posts this week (and I apoligize for not putting up the link up!). My family was hit with a wonderful flu and I seem to have the worst of it. Monday my son was feverish. Later that day I got a bit of a fever. Tuesday the fever hit me kind of hard. I had both kids at home and ending up having my husband come home to watch them at noon.

Wednesday we sent the kids to daycare. I spent most of the day on the floor in pain. Still with a bit of a fever, pain in every joint (a lot of pain) and I was no longer to hold anything down including water. I got a call from daycare around 2 to come get my daughter because she had a fever.

Thursday just sucked. My daughter’s fever was high and I could tell she was in pain, but flat out refused to take any medicine. Me, puking every 20 minutes. My son, happy and extremely bored and therefore destructive. Lets just say yesterday was a really, really bad day.

Today I am feeling a bit better, so is my daughter. I have sent the son to daycare so her and I are having a movie day. I am hoping I can get some fluids to stay down today, as I am starting to have some cramping and uncomfortable braxton hicks.

On a more happy note, we got a package from my brother and his wife this week. I love getting packages from them. This one had all sorts of birthday goodies for me and the kids. It also had some dill pickle and ketchup chips which is very exciting for me, and some animal crackers for the kids.

This is what I got for my birthday from them:

I’m really excited about it! I have always wanted a charm bracelet. And I always love how they are sure to remind me where my roots are from.

Here is a black and white, which I really like:

I think I am going to have to try and do some more jewelry pictures.

Well that is where I have been this week. I hope your week has been much better than mine! Also It is almost the weekend! Happy weekend everyone.

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