Can you believe it has been 4 weeks since I last updated with a belly photo. Time goes by quickly. I am now 14 weeks and a couple of days. Here is that belly shot:

Since being sick this week my belly has changed a bit. It is not as squishy as it was. It has also moved up a bit. A sign that the true bump is coming and the bloat is going down (although really with not being able to hold any water in this week, I doubt there is much bloat right now!). I don’t think I have changed much size wise, just shape wise.

Here are some pregnancy stats for you:

I can not eat anything sweet. It tastes horrible.

I am in love with cherry tomatoes. I just can not get enough of them!

I lost 2lbs this week, which brings my total gain so far to 5lbs.

Sleeping sucks. Right now I use my body pillow for back support, I bunch up my blanket and cuddle it like you would a body pillow and use our bed spread as a blanket. This seems to be the only way I can get a decent sleep.

Other than that, not much interesting going on in my pregnancy right now.