Well it is Monday morning again. I was prepared to leave the last crummy 3 weeks behind and start fresh this week. I even decided to be ambitious this week. I was going to potty train this week.

I just hate Monday’s.

We are not potty training today. My daughter woke up in a foul mood and screamed when I put her on the toilet. I refuse to force the issue, and decided today is just not the day. She was just not having it. And her cranky mood just continued, so being the good mother I am, I shipped her off to daycare. I figure she will probably be happier around her little friends (probably not, I don’t think there is any cure for her mood today…). If she is in a better mood tomorrow, we will try again.

This whole potty training thing is frustrating. Our daughter has been ready for a long time. She knows what the toilet is for, she occasionally asks to use it, but we have not gone full out yet. Every time we have the time to spend with her, she is either sick, or some other thing has happened, or for some reason she just doesn’t want too. It really doesn’t help that we have all these people asking if she is potty trained yet, or stating that their kids were potty trained by such and such time. It is not like we haven’t been trying.

It is something we need time for, and finding time is difficult. So yeah… there is my Monday morning rant.

Guess what, flowers are blooming and that makes me excited!

I love taking pictures of flowers.

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