Saturday morning my husband told me he thinks I should enter the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest for next year. First of all I find it flattering that he even suggested it. It means he thinks my writing is good enough to enter. Second, it has always been a life long goal of mine to write a book AND have it published somewhere. I spent a lot of the weekend thinking about this. It would be no small task. To write, edit and rewrite a novel by January would be a huge task. I am also full of doubt as to whether or not I am actually good enough to do such a task. I also know that if I commit myself to it and don’t succeed in finishing I would be very disappointed with myself.

But I have decided to put my insecurities aside and go for it. I think this is a good goal for me to concentrate on at the moment. There are so many other things that I want to do (start a photography/design business) but those things are just not possible at the moment. This however is possible. However I need to actually commit myself to it. I will need to actually plan it out and stick to it. This will mean I will have to make some changes to my day to day life.

One of these changes is the time I spend on the blog. It will have to change. I am going to limit myself to 4 posts a week. I love my blog. I love to write it and I love having people actually come to it. However I do not need to spend time working on it and its content every day. I think I do and should, but no, I am going to limit myself. I will be here Tuesday’s for Inspired Tuesday for sure. As for the other 3 days, I have no clue.

So now that I have decided this, and put it down in writing, and shared it with you all (that makes it more real to me) I have to figure out what novel I am going to work on.

At the moment I have two options:

1. Tainted Blood – This is a book about a teenage girl who is a witch who has vampire blood. However she does not know this. To sum somethings up quickly, her and her mother move to a new town. There is a group of vampires you recognize she is different. She learns that she is a witch with vampire blood. This is extrememly rare, and normally those with both bloods are killed upon birth, her mother however has been on the run and hiding her from other witches and vampires. A local group of vampires catches wind of her, and want to pull her to their side because it is said that those with tainted blood hold extraordinary power. This causes conflict and so on.

At the moment I have about half of this written, most of which needs to be re-written.

2. Flowing Knowledge – The worlds two main races are at war. The human race is at odds with the Elvin race. The path of the world lies on the shoulders of a single elf. Will she choose the path which will be the end of her race and push the work into a new era or will she return it to how it once was.

This story is about a young misfit elf who comes to age and find out that she is the center of a prophecy. This book follows her as she learns who she is and the importance of the decisions she alone must make. I think it would take about 3 books to tell the whole story.

I have not written this book. I have the first chapter done and a good idea of what I would like for the rest.

So which one do I choose? I have no clue. I feel vampires and witches are a little bit over done right now (even though I started the story before twilight got big, and all of the related tv shows). The second option is a lot of work.

Which would you choose if these were the types of books you read?

And on that questions I leave you with my two color pallets this week. Both are pretty neutral.

I loved this pictures. I love the tree reflection in the drop.

Taking pictures of these made me really which I had a better camera so I could take closer macro shots!

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