The other day I found a tree with blooms, by the bus stop of all places. I was pretty excited about this but I didn’t have my camera  with me. So I had plans to go out today, but this morning it starting snowing, SNOWING!! Luckily it didn’t last long, so we ventured out for a walk. The wind was bitterly cold. Not nice spring weather at all. However the blooms where still there. I can’t wait for more trees to start blooming.

I have to say, it has been very difficult to not post this week! Worst part of it is I did not get much done either. Both me and my daughter got sick again. She seems to be doing better. I am not feeling so great. Either way I was able to set up some writing goals. I am going to share them with you in hopes that it will help me stick to it. Although already I am kind of failing, since at the moment I am supposed to be working on my characters. BUT, I needed to blog instead and am taking a short break from that.

So here are my goals:

By Monday: Characters briefly outlines and general chapter outlines.

Monday I start writing.

I hope to have around 100,000 words done by September 1st. This means about 670 words a day. I think this is totally doable.

That gives me from September to January 1st to work on re-editing and all the really fun stuff.

I really think I can do this!