I haven’t participated in a couple of weeks, so some of my pictures were taken in the last couple of weeks instead of all this week. I am so happy to have some pictures this week!

Also I am on my husbands computer, with no editing program, so I decided to check out PicMonkey and did all my edits on there. If you are looking for a free edit program, this one is a great one to check out.

1. Clouds

We were at a childrens flea market yesterday at the library and when we were leaving I saw the clouds through the window and thought it was perfect for this weeks prompt!

2. Sun Flare

I took this one a couple of weeks ago and to be honest I thought for sure I would be deleting it. Now after editing it, I kind of like it.

3.  Seven

When I chose this it was because it was taken around 7 in the morning. However I just noticed that there are seven full flowers in the pictures.

4. High Angle

Last night for Earth Hour my husband and I played trival pursuit by candle light. Guess who won? Yay… thats right.. me.

5. Low Angle

I’m not sure what she is doing here, but either way it was a quiet (short) moment.