This week my post is themed: Flowers! This past week flowers have finally started to bloom. We still don’t have many but it is nice to finally see some color!

1. New

I really love how the flower is being impatient and blooming before the stalk has even had  a chance to leave the soil.

2. Life

Spring flowers also breath so much life into the world. It is such a refreshing experience.

3. Fragrant

This is the first tree with pink blooms I have found this year. I love how a group of these trees give a nice smell to the air around them.

4. Pink

Finding these little pink flowers was a pleasant surprise this morning. I have never seen them before but they sure are pretty.

5. Obvious

It is still pretty stark around here these days. They trees are mostly just budding and don’t have leaves and the grass is just now really starting to get green. So the bright colors of those first spring flowers really stand out.