So first things first, a little about me. Well I am 26, married and have two children under the age of two. Oh with a third on on the way. I am also Canadian, but I do not live in Canada. A few years ago I moved to my husbands home country of Denmark. Until recently I had no clue what I wanted to do in life. However I have finally decided on a path to become a web designer and a photography. I love being creative and I love photography, so this seems like the right fit for me.

My intention for this blog was to be a mommy blog, but it is really a bit of everything. I write about parenting, I write about reading and writing, and most of all I spend a lot of my posts sharing pretty pictures with you. It is just recently that my blog has started to take off, and it is a very exciting journey and I hope you will join me for it.

By the way, that is me to the left. Me and my son had just woke up from a wonderful nap together on the couch.

Each week I hold 3 different link parties. On Monday I hold Mommy Monday (the first of which will start this coming Monday). It is for all those mommy posts out there.

Tuesday I hold Inspired Tuesday. This link up is open to anyone, and any blog type. My belief is that any blog post can be inspiring to someone else.

On Friday I have Read and Write Friday. This link up is for posts having to do with reading and writing, be it a poem you have written or a book review.

And because I love to post pretty pictures:


I look forward to meeting a bunch of new bloggers! And if you haven’t yet, come and join us!