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Welcome to my Mommy Matters Monday link-up. I have two rules (and they are really easy to follow). 1. Your blog post must be mom related (which, if you are a mom could be just about anything!). 2. Try to visit others. We all love having people visit our blogs. If your a dad, join the fun too (I would have named the link up Parent Matters Monday, but it just doesn’t have the same ring does it?). The link-up will stay open from Monday until Friday, so you have all week to join up.

Welcome to my first Mommy Matters Monday! I decided last week that I needed a mom/parenting link up because I always have mom related posts in my mind, but never get down to writing them! I had a whole different plan on what to write today, but that will have to wait. Something happened this weekend that I want to share.

Most of our plans we had this weekend kind of flew out the window Saturday morning. The kids were up at some really stupid early hour (I think it was like 6am). My husband and I got up, gave them breakfast and discussed what we wanted to do for the day. We had plans to go downtown and to a little shopping, picnic in the part and maybe a walk around the harbor. Sounds like a great Saturday right?

Yeah that didn’t happen.

Around 8 we started to slowly get the kids ready. However, as every morning, my two year old daughter threw a fit while trying to get her dressed (she would rather run around naked all day, everyday). So I was sitting on the floor dealing with her fit. My son was behind me playing on this:

It is an Ikea change table. We don’t use the bottom self for anything. The kids however love it. They sit on it, they pretend its a bed, the change teddies ‘diapers’ on it. It is less than a foot of the ground. Anyways… as I am trying to avoid being kicked while putting pants on I hear my son fall off the shelf. He has done this many times. He is crying, my husband goes to his aid right away and calms him down. He seems fine. We change him. Get him dressed.

He is now very cranky. He is crying every few minutes. We don’t think much of it because 1. he is getting molars and 2. when he is up early he is always grouchy at this time of day. I decided going out can be put off for a bit and I take my son for a nap. We snuggle in bed. It was actually really nice. I think 30 minutes later we get up. My son is happy again. Great. Then he is not happy again. Not so great. We soon figure out the sources of his grouchy/crying. We notice every time he tries to crawl he cries. We then narrowed it down to that his right arm, and see that it is really bothering him. So off to the hospital we go. All of us.

Usually the emergency room is not that full, and the wait is not that long (it works a bit differently here). However, Saturday, there were 21 people a head of us. It sucked. Neither children were interested in being there. Eventually my son went in, I stayed and occupied my daughter.

This was the result:

Two hairline fractures in his arm. He will be in the cast for 3 weeks. I kind of feel bad. I am having huge mommy guilt. For one, it took us two hours to finally take him to the hospital. We really were not expecting it to be broken. Second I hate that there is nothing we could have done to prevent it. He fell from such a small height. He just landed wrong. I knew that I would one day have to deal with a broken something with the kids, however Saturday was too soon. I also thought for sure that it would be my daughter, she is the fearless daredevil. But I guess boys will be boys.

Once he had the cast on, he was super cranky for a couple of hours. I am sure he was pretty sore. After that it was like nothing happened beside the few frustration fits because he can’t use is arm normally. Sunday we had our happy son again. I was even able to get him to sit still long enough to get some pictures of the cast.

Since he was sitting, I decided to play around with the film grain option on my camera.

I know grain is something that a lot of people try to remove. I think it can give such an interesting feeling to a photo! And I love this next one. It was my favorite that I took.

I love the emotion in it (don’t worry, he was just pissed at me because I wouldn’t let him have the camera). I really love to capture the sad, angry moments in my children. I don’t want all my pictures to be of them happy. Is that strange?

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