So I mentioned yesterday that sometime last week I got locked out of the apartment. I went for a walk in the morning. Double checked that I had everything and on my way I went. When I got back I realized that I had a massive attack of pregnancy brain and apparently did not consider keys to be an important thing to have with me.  It was no big deal though, we live right beside the apartment office building. I was sure they would have a spare key. Yeah.. they did not and told me I would have to call a lock smith. Yeah right.. I am not going to pay some stupid amount just to be let into my apartment. So I sent a message to my husband at work.

This was about the time that I really had to pee. So while waiting for my husband to get back to me I walked down to the library to use their washroom. Being locked out was still not a big deal. I could just hang out at the library. So I got there, went pee, and they saw that the actual library wouldn’t be open until the afternoon. Okay, still no big deal. But boy was I starving! No problem, I would go over to the store and grab something… uh yeah… guess what else I forgot… my wallet. Luckily I managed to find just enough in my pockets to have a hot dog (yes… I yet hot dogs while pregnant).

Apparently my husbands phone was turned off, so it took him about 3 hours to get back to me and bring me a key. But it was still okay. I just wandered around the neighbour hood and took pictures. Thank goodness it was a nice day! Here are some black and white shots from the day.

and  then, she {snapped}PhotobucketBlack and White Wednesday