I know I said I wouldn’t be posting this week, but it has been one of those mornings and it is not even 8am yet.

My husband was going to kindly let me sleep in, however he forgot to turn the alarm off. Yay!

I got up, and my children were spazzy. My son more that usual. Oh and there is snot. Yay!

Got the kids dressed, through much wrestling (seriously what is with my kids! Why does getting dress need to be SUCH a strugle. every.single.day!). Yay!

I’m working on getting my daughter dressed. I look out the door because I hear my husband telling my son he can either sit at the table or with him to eat his food, but not walk around. My son should be screaming. He’s not. GREAT. Here comes reflex anoxic seizure number 2 in the last couple of weeks. Yay!

My husband picks him up before he goes out so he doesn’t fall. My son goes deathly gray (not blue, not white, gray). I am still wrestling with my daughter. I stress a bit, from where I am standing, my son looks dead. The time it took for him to start breathing again felt sooo long (it was probably like 20 seconds). Yay!

Daughter is dressed and demanding something. Son is now awake, pale and sleepy. Husband is stressed. Mommy is tired and stressed. Yay!

We continue on our morning as normal. Everyone is out the door on time. Me, I am in a funk. So I edit picture:

I blog about crappy morning. I feel slightly better. Now I just need some coffee…

So how was your morning?

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