First of all I want to say I have missed you all and that you are all awesome. Even though I have been away you are still visiting, and I even had some link up again this Tuesday. This is awesome!

Second, I am not back yet, but will be on Monday. But today is a very good day, and I just wanted to this photo. So many things in my life have fallen together this past week, and it is a wonderful thing. I will give you a full, more detailed update on Monday, but I will finally be able to launch Sommerfugl Design.

If you want a sneak peak you can check out the Sommerfugl Design Website. The website is not finished yet, but will be finished and officially launched on Monday as well. I have lots of work to do this weekend! If you see something you would like, please feel free to fill in the appropriated request form.

That is all from me for now. I wish you all a great end to the week and an even better weekend!