Every week MommyFerg from The No So Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom has been hosting something called Mommy Talk Tuesday. Every week has a new topic with a series of questions. I have been really wanting to link-up, but could ever find the time. Well I am going to try my best to make time for this every week.

This weeks topic is Toddler Learning with the following questions:

 How do you teach your toddler?

What kind of things do you teach your toddler?

Do you have any fun activities or learning games to share with other moms?

This topic has been something that has been really on my mind lately. I will admit this is something that I have not been doing with either of my toddlers. Horrible, I know. But I do think about it all the time!

With all the recent changes in my life lately, we have just been living day to day, just trying to get through the day. But now that I seem to be on some sort of path and feel like I am able to focus on the kids more.

Something that I am very keen on, that is all over the mommy blog sphere is toddler tubs, or activity boxes. I think these are a great idea! They can be themed, which is also great. But what I love best about them is that you pack them up and put them away and you rotate through them. Why do I like this? My daughter gets bored quickly. She figures things out quickly and moves on. If she plays with the same things every day she just get bored and gets into trouble. Fresh activities are perfect for her, and activity boxes really help with that.

I need to make it a goal to make more of them!

Another thing have I found useful with my daughter is the Kidstv123 channel on youtube. We try to stay away from the computer, but these little simple videos/songs have really helped her with counting, her colors and her abc’s. Like a lot. We are a dual language home, so language acquisition has been slow, but these videos have really really helped. There is not really anything special about them beside that they are simple, colorful and the tunes are catchy (so catchy you will be singing them to your husband at night..).

What about you? What do you do for Toddler Learning?

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