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I love to read and write and I know there are a lot of other who do also! So, every Friday I am going to write a post on the topic of reading and writing. I invite you all to join me and link up your posts from the week devoted to books and writing. This link up will be open from Friday morning until the following Thursday.

Are you read for this? My first book review. I will be honest I have no idea how I should go about reviewing a book, so I am just going to wing it.

The Emerald Talisman by Brenda Pandos Available from Kindle for $0.99

Here is the little blurb about the book from Amazon as I am just not good at writing blurbs

You can run from your destiny, but you can’t hide.

If for no other reason than to help endure the hormonal rush of high school, sixteen-year-old Julia Parker would trade her ability to feel her fellow students’ emotions in a heartbeat, especially half the boys in class.

When the beguiling Nicholas uses his superhuman strength to rescue Julia from the edge of a cliff before she’s devoured by a bloodthirsty stalker, Julia is suddenly thrust into an underground world where people and animals are often one and the same. Fellow high school students disappear and only Julia and Nicholas know the truth. While Nicholas, a vampire hunter, is out stopping the ever-growing coven, an old friend entices Julia to join him on the dark side and a psychic tells Julia she alone is the key to stopping the madness, problem is it’ll require Nicholas’ life.

Now I love the supernatural, but after reading so many vampire books I was in the mood for something. After browsing the free book section of Kindle and came across this book. It sounded like it was about witches. I thought cool, something different. For a free book it didn’t sound bad, it didn’t sound good, but it sounded okay. So I downloaded it.

This is definitely a young adult book. It is easy to read,  simple language. In some ways it read like a Twilight book in the way that it is easy to read. I will admit it did not catch me right away. If it had not been such an easy reader I would have put it down and not came back to it. But I was looking for something easy to read, easy to understand that did not involve a lot of thinking to unwind with. This fit that perfectly.

Eventually the story picked up and I got interested. To my disappointment the main topic of this book is vampires. This is no fault of the book itself, just wasn’t what I thought it was about. However I think the story itself is about something more than just vampires, so it was okay. Actually more than okay. I kind of got really into it in the end. I want to read further in the series.

Like some free books, you can see that the author has really fallen in with the story by the end. The story gets better, more interesting and more dynamic. This was definietly the case with this book.

Would I recommend it? If vampires, and the supernatural are your thing, yes I would recommend it as a light read. Is it worth the 99cents it now costs? Yes, I would say it is.

Okay so I know this wasn’t my best review. But please forgive me I have two sick children running around me at the moment (whose father is supposed to be looking after them..).

If anything check out the series website!