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I believe that all posts can inspire someone else. Blog hops are a great way to find each other, so I therefore invite you to link up your blog posts every Tuesday here. The rules are simple: link up any blog post, there are no required themes, and it does not have to be about photography. It can be about anything. I would appreciate if you could link back to me, but you don’t have too. That’s it. Looking forward to seeing your posts this week! Oh and the link up is open all week. Also if you tweet your posts.. it would be great if you could use the hashtag #inspiredtuesday ūüôā

I have not had a lot of time to take pictures the last couple of weeks. I have been so busy with Sommerfugl Design, working on finding clients that the actual act of taking pictures has taken a hit on the¬†priority¬†list. That being said I have really liked the few pictures I have taken. I think now that I am seriously planning on making a career out of photography and design I am look at it differently. Because of this I can see little improvements. I can’t say what they are, perhaps I am paying more attention. I have started doing some mini tutorials at the blog on Sommerfugl, so perhaps this has given me a more critical eye towards my pictures and the editing process. I don’t know, what I do know is that I like the direction my photos are taking.

The above photo was taken this morning. I really loved how the light was hitting the plant beside the puff. I thought it was perfect for Kim’s theme this week: light. I added her texture Epiphany (how suiting really..) then I decided to give Ashley and Sarah’s Tutorial Tuesday a try today. I really liked the simple black and white conversion process.

Did you have a moment where your photography seemed to take foot and head in a direction?

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