I took this picture the other day of my daughter:

And all I can think about when I look at is where did my baby girl go?

She has changed so much over the last month or so. She has started to talk so much more. We get simple sentences from her like ‘What are you doing?’, and her favorite right now ‘This is mine.’ Granted, it is usually a mix of both Danish and English, but still she can so so much now and it all feels so sudden.

She also looks so different. She looks like a little kid now, not a baby or young toddler. She can get into anything now. Gone are the days where we could just put something out of reach. Now she knows she can just find something to stand on. She can also demand attention in a more verbal way other than screaming (MOM!).

We are in the ‘whats this’ stage. She wants to know what everything is called (although sometimes I don’t think it matters as she uses her own words anyways).

She loves to help (thought she is often not helpful…). She is also caring at times, other times she is down right stubborn and seems to take things to the extreme. She has a very strong personality, and although very trying at times I love it.

But she is growing too fast for me. I wish I could freeze time, keep her little a bit longer. However I am also excited to have a real conversation with her. For her to be able to express what she is thinking or feeling. The future is exciting and I can’t wait for it either.

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