I am sorry I have been absent the last little bit. We have some stuff going on with the kids that have me a bit stressed (saving that for another post) and I have just not felt the urge to blog on here. Also morning sickness has seemed to returned, which is no fun!

But it has been a couple of weeks, so it is time for another belly picture.

As I was taking this picture I was having a nice long Braxton Hick contraction, which have been on full alert the last few weeks. Each day the seem to get more painful and I even have periods of consistent semi-painful contractions for a couple of hours. However having gone through this with my son I just go to bed and they seem to go away.

Baby moves around a lot, and seems to love kicking my ribs. I am already at that stage where there just doesn’t feel like there is enough room in there. I can’t imagine what I will feel like 15 weeks from now!

I sleep fairly well, but don’t feel rested. I do have a lot of back pain this time around as well. But, only 3.5 more months to go!

And just for fun here is a front picture:

And for even more fun, a comparison pic from my last pregnancy taken at the same time:

As you can see, I was huge with my son.

and  then, she {snapped}Photobucket