Once upon a time there was a little family living in Denmark which consisted of Mrs. Mom, Mr. Dad, Bess, JJ and the one to arrive.

Mrs. Mom, being the blog-a-holic that she is wanted a place to share stories of her families adventures. So naturally she started a blog. Actually, she started many blogs but none of them every seemed to fit. Finally she settled on The Not So Ugly Ducklings as a name, but still her direction was lost. She wanted to write about family. She wanted to be funny. She wanted people to love to read her blog.

Instead, she posted a lot of pretty pictures and only occasionally wrote about family. This made her kind of sad, as it was not really what she had planned for her blog. Then one day things changed. Mrs. Mom started a blog design / photography business and felt that it needed its own place. So that is what she did, made a new website, a place for her design and photography work.

While this happened her blog got neglected. It was never forgotten though, and Mrs. Mom knew one day she would get back to it. The Not So Ugly Ducklings could finally become the blog Mrs. Mom wanted it to be, a place to share stories of family life. A place about Mrs. Mom herself as well. A mommy blog.


I image you can gather that I am changing things up here once again. I want this blog to be my place to write and not be so focused on pretty pictures. If you follow just for the pictures, I suggest you follow Sommerfugl Design (I am sorry for constantly switching stuff up).

This is what you can expect more of on this blog:

1. More posts about family life

2. Inspired Tuesdays will stay here.

3. Letters from the children

4. Recipies

5. Book Reviews / writing stuff in general (because these are things that I love).

Other than that, Happy Monday Everyone!