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So if you follow me on facebook or twitter you may have heard I went out and got myself a Canon 500D with a 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens kit. It was on sale for a great deal, and I just could not resist. I think it will be the perfect starter camera for me. I am already in love, but at the same time slightly annoyed, because as with any new camera purchase, and especially going from one type to another there is always that period where your photo’s are hit and miss (well more than usual). I want to take great pictures, like right now!

Over the weekend I dragged my family out in crappy weather just so we could take a long drive (I think we probably drove for at least 6 hours in total) to a national park and a sand dune that has destroyed a church just so I could try out my new camera. Honestly, the pictures did not turn out great, the lighting during the day was horrible most of the time. I did learn a couple of things though.

1. Even though I have read a lot of reviews about how crappy the 75-300mm lens is, I much prefer it to the 18-55mm lens. I find the clarity of the pictures is much better with it, if I have to step back to take pictures, so be it.

2. I am going to miss having a good options for macro shots until I can afford a macro lens.

3. Shooting on a sand dune is stressful! I was so afraid that I was going to scratch the lens.

4. The camera is heavy on the neck.

5. I need to practice without the kids around when they are not the main subject. I spent the entire time shooting in Auto because I just didn’t have the time to focus on the different settings while my kids were running into¬†electric¬†fences (thankful I am the only one that got a decent shock..), keeping them from running to an ocean with waves 3 times the size of them, and them rolling down the side of the sand dune (my son did face plant though and got a mouth full of sand and my daughter rolled part of the way down).

Here are a couple of shots from the day. I did using PS HDR toning on a couple, and did a level corrections on most. Oh and I am in love with shooting in RAW, however I can’t get the thumbnail previewer to install on my computers which is a pain!

This dog had a blast running in and being chased back out by the waves.

Yep, that is my son WAY back there. We had to hike 2.5km to the sand dune and he felt that he had to be going in the opposite direction than us the entire time.

There was this area fenced in (hence the electric fences) full of sheep. This guy was the cutest.

I kind of really like this shot, but I kind of think I should crop it a bit, and maybe warm it up….and….

There are very few places in Denmark with a decent view. This is one of them.

Perhaps the HDR toning is a bit over the top, but I love it anyways.

This was a church (I think), that was made into a light house, that has been complete destroyed by the sand dune. It used to be more covered, but has been dug out. I don’t like the HDR on the sand, but love it on the light house.

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